The Daily WTF: Turns Out Jennifer Aniston Still Has Male Fans

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Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy deadbeat dad bounty hunter wtf funnyAnd here we thought Jennifer Aniston was only good for selling tabloid covers about her barren womb! Instead, as a heartwarming story from a local Pennsylvania newspaper proves, she's also the perfect bait for luring deadbeat dads back to the families they've abandoned. Hawaii resident Joshua Garlathy recently got a call out of the blue that he'd been offered a role in Jennifer's latest movie, Banished in Brooklyn, where he would play “a guitar-strumming bad guy named Dirty Nick.” He excitedly hopped on an airplane and flew cross-country to Pennsylvania… where he was arrested for refusing to pay child support for nearly two decades.

Turns out Pennsylvania has a relatively new law that makes it a crime to leave the state if your intention is to avoid paying child support. And that “producer” who wanted to put Garlathy on the big screen? Was a bounty hunter named Scott Bernstein who knew exactly how to get this guy's attention. He worked with Joshua's ex Beth Ann Holderman to set up the sting, relying on what must have been Garlathy's Friends obsession. See, she first filed for child support in 1993 and has been going after him since. (Side note: How terrifying is it that the Friends pilot first aired almost 20 years ago?) You almost feel bad for the poor guy; he must have been so excited to work alongside Rachel! Although you have to imagine that his 19-year-old daughter lost a bit of respect for her pops: “Come on, Dad, everyone knows Phoebe was way cooler than Rachel.”

But it gets better. When Garlathy touched down in the airport in May, the film crew he encountered there wasn't filming the fake Jennifer Aniston movie, but a reality show pilot (produced by bounty hunter Bernstein) about deadbeat parents. And Holderman is joking that now she'll write a Deadbeats for Dummies book after her plot worked. So it really is a win-win!

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