Jason Sudeikis Shows a Video of His Son’s Unique but Adorable Lightsaber Technique

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Jason Sudeikis Jimmy Kimmel February 2016

Another day, another celebrity telling a story about their kid on a talk show and making my entire life. There are two things that make any celebrity kid story better — an impression or a video. Last night Jason Sudeikis was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and he went the video route when talking about his son Otis. Jason has previously shared a video of Otis slam dunking a basketball and then doing a victory dance, and this time he shared a video of Otis playing with his toy lightsaber. He has a rather unusual method.

Jason says he got lightsabers for himself, his not-yet-wife Olivia Wilde (seriously guys, get a move on), and Otis. As you'll see in the video, Otis starts out with a pretty standard technique, swinging it around in the air. He has his hand on the blade (What do you call that? The laser? The don't-touch-this-it's-dangerous part?), which would spell disaster in the Star Wars universe but is A-okay in the real world of plastic toys. But then suddenly Otis decides it's a good idea to drag the lightsaber forward and back across the carpet as if it's a vacuum cleaner. As Jason says, he's try to “suck up the Dark Side.”

This might seem like a weird thing to do, but hey, maybe this just means they won't have to pester him to do chores when he gets older. Maybe he'll love vacuuming so much that their carpets will never be never dirty for the rest of their days. Well, until he moves out. Then they'll probably be living in filth and begging him to come home and save them from all the dust bunnies. My predictions for this family's future will be just as accurate as those puppies' predictions for the Super Bowl, just you wait and see.