Jaden Smith Did His Best Impression Of A Laundry Basket At The Believe Movie Premiere

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Jaden Smith Believe Premiere weird outfit

Jaden Smith stole the show from Justin Bieber at the Believe premiere last night with his incredibly innovative outfit. It managed to say “I don't care” and “No I really don't care” and “No, seriously guys, I could not care less about where I am” all at the exact same time. Which every fashionista know is almost impossible to pull off these days.

While the 15-year-old actor/son-of-an-influential-actor's remaining mum on who designed his outfit, we're pretty sure that the nightgown hanging down below his hoodie comes straight from Willow Smith's third grade collection of nightgowns. I believe the line was called “I don't want to go to school anymore and to make that clear, I will wear my nightgown as daygown.” Or Parental Emancipation for short.

And the hoodie! Let's talk about that hoodie. Word on the street is that Jaden saw a similar pattern on the wall of his eye doctor and he turned to Will Smith, his friend and occasional father, and said “I want to wear that.” And Will, being the world's best friend and occasional father made it happen. (And as the story goes, he threw in a movie too with a starring role for him and a even starrier role for Jaden. “Pretty dope, huh J?” he allegedly said when he handed him the hoodie and the After Earth script. “Whatever old man,” said Jaden.)

Finally we get to the shorts. Oh my, the shorts! They're no doubt the boldest part of his entire outfit — because paired with the nightgown they turn the entire bottom half of his outfit into some kind of new-fangled skort. Skorts for men? Sure you might be shaking your head, but come 2014, they could be all the rage.

Well, well, well, Jaden Smith you can now add trendsetter to your resume. Put it right alongside “actor” and Justin Bieber's extremely under-aged friend.

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