J.J. Abrams Presents ‘The Secret World of Alex Mack’

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Click. Hi… is this thing on? OK, good. Um.

Annie thinks it’s a good idea for me to record these journal entries, to chronicle everything in case I get cured someday. As if I didn’t feel like enough of a lab rat already.

I’m gonna say it: I miss being average. I know, I know, you guys would say, “Sweetie, you’re beautiful, and so smart!!” OK, scratch the smart part—we all know Annie has that covered. But I doubt even my parents could call me beautiful if they saw me melting into silver puddles and shooting lightning out of my fingers. I miss being normal. I mean, things only changed like…seven months ago.

Here’s some advice: Don’t piss off a truck driver. Especially when his name is Rusty Nail and he’s driving a tank filled with chemicals. I didn’t know! It said “Slusho!” on the side, I thought it was some new energy drink.

So I get drenched with the stuff and first thing I do is find Annie, who’s able to figure out the chemical but nothing else. The worst part is, I can’t even use my powers to make life easier. Slide under the door to the teacher’s lounge and steal test answers? Nope. Levitate a stapler and chuck it at Kelly’s head? Not a chance. And why is that? Oh, because in addition to being a freak, I’ve got the Slusho! people on my trail.

I was right about it being an energy drink, but it’s got an illegal ingredient: GC-161. Taken in large doses, it’s…well, you get the idea. Thing is, they’re trying to get the drink approved ASAP, which means they have to track down the kid who took a swim in their concoction.

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