Isla Fisher Almost Drowned Filming A Movie Scene, So That’s Commitment For You

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Isla Fisher Chelsea Lately 2013

I have another thing to add to the list of things I admire Isla Fisher for, right up there with being seen in public with Sacha Baron Cohen and caring about her daughters' body image. Oh, and being a magician. It turns out filming the new movie Now You See Me was not a piece of cake, and that wasn't just because of the having to learn magic tricks thing. Nope, this was more serious. Like “almost drowning” levels of serious. Because she did. Almost drown.

Isla went on Chelsea Lately to show off her cute red shoes and talk about her new movie. After she tells an anecdote about someone thinking she was in Les Miserables (instead of her husband, the MAN), I wasn't sure how she could possibly top that in terms of horrifying stories. But she manages. First of all, she did her own stunts for an underwater escape scene, and even Isla herself is all, “Say what?! Why would anyone do that? Not even Tom Cruise should do that.” She was underwater for two and a half minutes, and I get stressed out when I take a particularly big gulp of diet Coke, so it must be terrifying to hold your breath for that long. Even worse, the chain got stuck and she had to struggle to get herself out while everybody around her was like, “Great acting, Isla!” What I love is that one of her biggest concerns is that she would die in a swimming costume. Because who wants to die in an embarrassing outfit? Patrick Swayze's Ghost character has to spend the whole movie in that baggy lady shirt.

I would hate to ruin the suspense for you, so I won't reveal whether or not Isla made it out alive. Okay, spoiler alert, she totally did, because she had to be the real magician that she is and escape. And let me tell, you that's real commitment. That's some scary stuff, and she was brave. Major props to Isla, and major “WTF” to the people involved in making sure nobody drowned.