These 15-Year-Old App Developers Will Make You Rethink Your Whole Life

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Have you ever found yourself in a music rut? Not enjoying anything on the curated Apple Music Playlist you downloaded that ~usually~ serves up jam after jam? Then again, have you ever found yourself texting your BFF about that !!fire!! new Camila Cabello song ft. Quavo and gotten seriously disappointed (maybe even ~embarrassed~ for her) when she told you she hasn’t even heard of it? Well, there’s an app that will quell both frustrations and it’s called Synchronicity. Basically, you can share and compare your Apple Music libraries with all of your friends. Added bonus: it’ll actually tell you how much of your music you have in common, which TBH, is a pretty good indicator of how compatible you are as friends, amiright?
You might think that some 60+-year-old billionaire dude is the mastermind behind Synchronicity but it’s actually totally not what you expected. The app was developed by two 15-year-old twin girls named Isabella and Sofia Mandich — who were also the brains behind the viral Wild Ski app in 2015, which got them an invite to Apple’s ’20 Under 20′ program around the same time.
The girls recently chatted with to discuss success at a young age, the importance of getting girls into coding and their celebrity icons — one of whom, BTW, is your favorite kick-butt feminist in Hollywood.
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A lot of people might think that when you’re 15 with the title, “App Developer,” it’s just some stamp that means you sold a good idea to a big company who made the app and now runs it — but Isabella was quick to bust that myth. “We work side by side with our team through the whole development as well as [the] marketing process. We are involved in all of the decisions and challenges that come our way.”
One of these challenges, of course, is that being a teenage girl might be seen as a weakness by some people in the adult-male-dominated tech biz. “We’ve been lucky that our community has a very positive outlook on what we’re doing and does not question our capabilities. However, we can tell when people are uncertain about our work and ideas because of our age and gender, and sometimes it has made us feel pretty out of place,” Isabella explained. “The mentality that I use to combat this is if someone doesn’t want to consider my idea because of who I am, it’s a disadvantage for them in the end.” True that.
In fact, their age has actually come to benefit them quite a bit and has helped their apps reach the level of success that they’ve seen so far. “We are in charge of all of the testing because all of our apps are geared towards the audience of our age,” Sofia described. Now that’s what we call spinning what some may see as a negative into a positive.
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In recent years, there’s been a lot of talk about getting young women interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields — and interested in computer science in particular. Organizations like Girls Who Code and Kode with Klossy (lead by Karlie Kloss — one of Isabella’s major role models) have emerged with the mission of promoting more diversity in the tech industry — and firing that passion at a young age. Of course, as two 15-year-olds who have already started to make their mark in the field, Isabella and Sofia have got something to say about this.
“I think it is very important for young women to start coding. It’s a brand new industry with a lot of growth potential and women have to find their way to get involved. I believe that one reason that women don’t want to enter the tech field is that they don’t want to feel alone. When they see that others just like them have an interest in the field, it is less daunting to try it out,” Sofia said. “I think that getting more and more young women interested in coding even at the middle school level is the first step to combating the gender inequality in the tech field.” Seriously, HOW are these young women just 15?
While Sofia would describe herself and her twin as having “very different personalities [that] complement each other very well,” there’s one thing that’s very similar about the two of them — their adoration for Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson — which makes perfect sense considering these two are well on their way to becoming feminist icons in their own right. “Emma’s mission to promote gender equality is so amazing,” Isabella declared, with Sofia calling that work “inspiring.” (We agree!)
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Well, I can say definitively that when I was 15 years old, I was making much less of a difference in the world than Isabella and Sofia Mandich have already and I feel fairly certain that most of us can relate. Hey — the future is female, and these twin teenagers are proving that very idea step by step — or should I just say — app by app.
Oh and BTW, the Camila Cabello song I was talking about earlier is called “OMG,” and yes, I would highly recommend (and according to the twins’ Instagram — so would they)!