I Challenge You To Watch Isaac Lamb’s Lip-Dub Proposal And Never Smile Once

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You've probably seen this by now, because it has six million views on YouTube, but it's also the best thing ever, so you can watch it again, okay?!? Okay.

On May 23rd, Isaac Lamb decided to propose to his girlfriend — well, actually way before that, because this obviously took a lot of time and planning — and didn't want to do it in one of the old, tired ways that you always hear about. (I swear, if one more person tries to propose to me by hiding a ring in food…I will very likely choke to death.)

What Isaac did instead was choreograph a huge lip-dub proposal and dance number to ‘Marry You' by Bruno Mars, and enlist sixty of his closest friends and family to help him pull it off. The result is an awesome, six minute, block-long proposal that will make your face hurt from smiling. It's honestly that adorable. Everyone's happy and in love and they're friensd, and they're dancing and it's perfect. And they even rigged the car so that you get to see the soon-t0-be-fiancee's face the whole time, and she's squealing and loving it.

The video went viral a couple days ago, so now Isaac's been on all the talk-shows and all over the internet, and it's safe to say that the bar has so totally been raised. I'm so proud that this couple is from Portland, Oregon, like me. And I have 23 Facebook friends in common with him, so every time you watch it, I get a little more famous. Right?

Did I mention it's adorable? Just watch it already.