Is Tampa Deputy Lisa Latimer the New Krystal Ball of Bad Photo Ops?

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When racy, dildo-filled Holiday photos of congressional candidate Krystal Ball were uncovered by her opponent earlier this month, we hoped that people in public service positions would learn not to take photos of themselves goofing off, even if it was all in good fun. With the Internet these days, you never know!

And sadly today brings us another example: Florida deputy policewoman Lisa Latimer took some shots (no pun intended) of herself in her cruise car, putting her gun in her mouth and smoking what looks like a joint. Ostensibly, these pics were just for her and her close friends, but that was before she got into a nasty divorce with her husband (which may or may not have involved her taser), who decided to put the images on Facebook. Now she's suspended from the police force and may lose custody of her kids.

We don't want to beat you over the head with the lesson here, but once again: Never piss off your ex. Wait, no: Don't take photographs of yourself playing around with sex toys and/or guns unless your job is an FBI agent undercover stripper.