Ireland Baldwin Talks About Being The Daughter Of Alec Baldwin And Kim Basinger, My Obsession With Her Grows

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Ireland Baldwin 2013 CFDA Awards Arrivals June 4 2013 New York NY

Anytime I hear a skinny, beautiful person lament their looks/body, 99% of the time I will roll my eyes and heave a deep sigh because it's ridiculous and I have a hard time finding even the teensiest bit of sympathy for them.  This interview with Ireland Baldwin in the newest issue of Elle made me realize why, at least 1% of the time, I remember that we're all women and we all struggle with the same issues no matter who we are or what we look like.  And we should stick together in that.

As the 17-year-old, absolutely beautiful, 6'2″, smart and funny daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, you'd probably assume Ireland Baldwin's life is absolutely perfect.  I mean, who wouldn't want to look like that?  Her Instagram pictures alone make me loathe my life– I'm  a decade older than her and I'm fairly certain I've never been to Hawaii, dated a professional surfer, boated with my dad in the Hamptons, or owned several pugs.  But even beautiful people with beautiful lives have issues and negative experiences.  They can even become well-rounded humans because of it.  Heck, they can even be relatable!  If you follow her on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram then you know she has no problem opening up to the masses about everyday struggles, and giving advice.  She seems far more mature than most girls her age.

She claims her mother urged her to try modeling: “She thought it would be good for my confidence because I never thought of myself as a pretty girl.”  (Stab me in the eye, will you pleaseeeee.)  You know what has to be kind of hard?  Having a mom that looks like Kim Basinger. On a very minor level I can kind of relate- I had a very attractive mother and people compared us endlessly.  It's not the healthiest thing for a mother/daughter relationship, that much I know. Ireland knows this, too: “My mom is petite and fragile, and I am fit and…more to love. I have a booty, she has a thigh gap.… I wasn't built to look like my Mom's identical twin!”

Earlier this year, she answered a few questions on her Tumblr account and I love love love what she said:

“I am proud to be my parent's daughter but I don’t want to forever be known as ‘that rude thoughtless little pig‘ or ‘Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger's kid.' I have passions and interests of my own that I want to give life to.”

Amen, gurl.  You've proven that even 28-year-old girls can learn from you, 100% of the time.

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