17 Common Myths About Introverts You Should Stop Believing

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What comes to mind when you hear the word introvert? An antisocial person who spends their weekends alone? An awkward nerd who'd rather die than strike up a conversation? Or maybe that one shy friend who almost never wants to make plans? What defines an introvert seems to be pretty clear-cut for most people, but what if we told you that most of the things you've been told about them are wrong?

That's right. To this day, a lot of people assume that introverted people are too meek and timid to “get out there” and live their best lives, but in truth, introverts just process and react to things differently than extroverts do. If you happen to be an introvert yourself, you can understand how frustrating it is to be mislabeled as the “loner” or the “quiet weirdo.” And if you're not, well, chances are you probably bought into some of the biggest misconceptions about being introverted. If you could use some clarity on the topic, check out these common myths about introverts you should stop believing ASAP.