Interview: NYC Band ‘The Hotcakes’ On Dating, Dancing, And ‘No Doubt’

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New York rock quartet The Hotcakes are often compared favorably to the band Blondie in reviews, and it’s easy to see why. Not just because lead singer Erin Marz‘s has Debbie Harry hair, but the sweet 70s disco-pop sounds that prevailed on their 2008 self-titled EP are as catchy as “Sunday Girl.”

It doesn’t hurt that Erin’s backup includes 4 hot guys, or that their song “Paint the Town Red” became the official anthem of the Cincinnati Reds, though most New York bands would probably scoff at getting the kind of commercial success that The Hotcakes acquired without ever being signed to a label.

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Erin and her three handsome bandmates (Matt Stamm, Kevin Snider, and Lee Leshen)  before they debuted their second EP “Gonna Go Out” at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC this Saturday night.

The Hotcakes: Hey do you know that there were two articles on your site about hookers today?

Crushable: And tomorrow, it’ll be all about you! So you guys are about to release your second EP now…how has your sound changed in the past two years?

Erin (singer): What’s changed? Members of the band. But also, having the time to grow together, to develop our sound.

What was the inspiration for your new song, “Round and Round?”

Erin: It came out of something very simple, very much like a “round” if you will. It developed much more into a fun, dancy song. Lyrically, it’s just about being at a party, seeing that boy. Maybe you know him, maybe you don’t. You don’t know if it’s going to be serious, but you just want to have fun!

A lot of reviewers compare your sound to Blondie or Queen. Who would you hate to be compared to?

Matt (keyboard): I think it would be really dangerous for us to be compared to No Doubt. Not because I don’t like No Doubt, but I think just with the guys in the back of the band and Erin out front, too many parallels could be drawn. Of course the sound is in a totally different category.

Who would you be most excited to see if they appeared at your show on Saturday?

Kevin (bass guitar) : Freddy Mercury. That would be really difficult though.

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