Interview: Michael Blaiklock, Co-Creator And Co-Star Of ‘Minor Stars,’ Our New Favorite Web Series

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Last week, we brought you the first episode of Minor Stars, the satirical web series that takes us behind the scenes of a Hannah Montana-style kids' show called Abby Everything. The second installment hit the Internet today, and we spoke to show co-creator Michael Blaiklock — who also plays the character Robbie — about writing comedy and dressing like a Disney star.

Your show's super funny! Can you talk a little about its origin and making?
This is an idea we (Sorry, Dad Productions, which is Justin Becker, Dave Horwitz, Elisha Yaffe, and myself) had a while back. We had the privilege of working on a pilot for TBS a couple years ago, and this was one of the premises that was kicked around. Obviously it didn't end up being the pilot, but it was an idea we always gravitated back to whenever we were thinking of doing a new project. It was a world that we thought would be interesting to explore, and that no one had yet. And it seemed to lend itself to this web format pretty well. As far as making it, we had the most talented and awesome group of friends working in front of and behind the camera to help us make this show as super funny as you said it is!

How old is your character Robbie supposed to be?
Robbie is supposed to be in his mid 20's, even though he plays a teenager on Abby Everything. As is the case with a lot of Hollywood casting, young-looking twenty somethings have to (get to?) play teenagers to avoid those pesky child labor laws.

The Abby Everything wardrobe is simply inspired (sparkles, keffiyahs). You all totally wear that stuff in real life, don't you?
I will admit now that a lot of that was our real clothes from our real closets. My only hope is that it will catch on, and we will be hailed as trendsetters for creating the “dress like you're on a Disney show ironically” craze.

Fuck, Kill, Marry: Miley, Selena, Miranda?
FUCK: None of them. I wouldn't last a day in the slammer.
MARRY: All of them. Big Love style.
KILL: Miley. We can live without her.

What can we expect from the 3rd ep of Minor Stars?
A big awards show, a major melt-down, a gooey blue substance, and lots of laughs! New eps every Monday, y'all!