Art Crush: Internet Memes Reimagined As Minimalist Movie Posters

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internet meme Nyan Cat as minimalist movie poster by Stefan Van Zoggel

Part of what makes internet memes so quotable is their short duration: The YouTube clip is snappy and can be shared and replayed over and over again. (Although it sounds like millennia of torture, Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” clocks in at only 3:48.) That's why it's interesting that London-based designer Stefan Van Zoggel was inspired to turn famous internet memes like Nyan Cat and Chocolate Rain into movie posters. As he explains,

I took the context of the, usually short lived, internet memes and virals, and translated that to simple film poster designs. Based on exactly the same stories and content, but treating them as a full length movie posters. Hope you enjoy them.

What was smart about his project, however, was making the posters themselves incredibly minimalist. It's fascinating to figure out which details Van Zoggel carefully chose, and how it's not always what you'd immediately associate with the meme. You can check all of them out at his official site, but our nine favorites are in the gallery below.