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In my latest music video, Where Is My Goat, I go on a search for my imaginary pet goat. Sadly, we never did find a goat, but we DID get to hang out with one! Simon, a goat from my friends at Fire Grazers, who supply goats for forest fires (environmentally friendly goats, go figure!).

Simon was a sweetheart, but don’t underestimate the difficulties of taking care of a wild animal. He ate my director’s entire backyard and peed all over our rather expensive green screen. I digress.

In honor of my experience with Simon the goat, this week’s Infamous episode is dedicated to the celebrities whose pet stories are anything but ordinary (and the video features not one, but TWO goat stories!)

But first, the honorees

 Steven Tyler

Long before the days he started to resemble a stray animal, young Steven Tyler actually adopted a raccoon. I’m still not sure who rescued who. This is one of the cases where I’d ponder the question as well.

George Clooney 

Behind every eligible Bachelor is his pet pig. You all know the story if you’ve watched past episodes, but it’s worth a double mention! George Clooney shared his bed with Max, a potbelly pig, for eighteen years until Max’s death in 2006. Jealous much?

Michael Jackson

Speaking of spiders, did you ever think the King of Pop could be taken down by an eight- legged pet? Neverland Ranch was home to quite an exotic zoo, but one creature in particular left Jackson limping into a trial in 2002. His excuse to the jury for not being his usual, moonwalking self? He was suffering a spider bite from his pet tarantula.

Paris Hilton 

And speaking of Neverland, remember Tinkerbell? No, not the fairy. The teeny tiny teacup Chihuahua that sat so snuggly inside Paris Hilton’s designer purses all throughout the early 2000’s. Tink went missing in 2004 and Hilton put up a $5,000 reward for her safe return. The pup luckily turned up, though animal experts speculated that it was an imposter Chihuahua, obviously trying to get in on the good life of an heiress. Paris, now allegedly the owner of 17 pocket sized pups, is allegedly building a doggy sized replica of her mansion, for her pups, down to the walls and furniture. Designer dog house….or crazy?

And with that, I give you the Top Five Celebrity Pet Stories (link to video).

From Vanilla Ice to Courtney Love, this video covers some pretty interesting trips to the vet.

Written by Lauren Scharf and Taryn Southern


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