18 Everyday Moments You Can Relate to Only if You’re Super Indecisive

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Decisions offer a world of endless opportunities for you to choose from, which is great because, ~freedom~ but it's also basically torture for anyone that’s indecisive. When you struggle at the thought of any choice and find yourself with too many options, it can be nearly impossible to come to a conclusion. And I'm not being dramatic, I mean that. The only choice that's easy for you to make is if you'd like to make the decision or leave it up to someone else — and the answer is obviously that whoever you're with chooses the place to eat, or the movie to watch, or what color the couch should be, etc.

Whether the decision is as small as whether to swipe left or as big as where to travel on your next vacation, determining the outcome can take forever. It's so much pressure! If you'd rather watch re-runs of a TV show you've seen 15 times over rather than choose a new show to start binging, you'll probably also be saying “OMG, that's so me” at the following 18 things that only super indecisive people will relate to…