In Defense Of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s Sartorial Choices

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Critics are up in arms about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt‘s style. The girl is four years old! In defense of her daughter's style, Angelina Jolie even went so far as to invent the phrase “Montenegro Style” to describe her daughter's preference for short hair and blue blazers.

Although this phrase mystifies me and the rest of the Internet (Montenegro is a tiny ass country near Serbia and Croatia and I don't know what kind of “style” they have there), I think Montenegro Stlye™ is something I might like to have.

Gray skinny jeans, a faux fur hoodie and cute sneakers? Yes, please.

Like Shiloh, I grew up in a family of all boys. I threw footballs at holiday get-togethers. I wore a baseball uniform with some frequency to the first grade. My mother never even bothered to teach me how to braid my hair because she assumed I wouldn't be interested. And here I am now, fifteen years later, writing for a girl blog. Things change, people.

Also, boys clothes on girls are cool. Just because a little child dresses more like Diane Keaton than Miley Cyrus, it doesn't mean she wishes she had a penis.

Let's just wait until a Montenegro Style™ Tween Line hits Macy's.