Illustrated Event Report: The PETA Fashion Week Party At Stella McCartney

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Last night I bundled up and faced the dastardly winds currently attempting to blow NYC into the Atlantic to attend PETA's Fashion Week party at the Stella McCartney store. It was over-the-top and ridiculous, of course! The first thing I overheard was an older man saying to his young, pretty companion: “Oh my god, you would loooooove Fashion Week. Everyone is so stylish!” Which made me realize the pair had no idea they were actually at Fashion Week, they just live full-time in a beautiful little bubble filled with thigh-high shoes and men in tuxedos thrusting platters of champagne into their faces. Glamour!

Tim Gunn was there, which made my night, even though he was ushered off backstage before I had a chance to talk* (*profess our love) to him. Also milling about were Lo Bosworth and Taraji Henson who stood next to her controversial naked PETA ad. There were so many funny things, you guys, but I didn't have a camera, so I drew some pictures that I hope capture the spirit of the event.