You Absolutely Must Watch Ilana Glazer Provide Running Commentary On A Childhood Video

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You Absolutely Must Watch Ilana Glazer Provide Running Commentary On A Childhood Video Ilana and Eliot Glazer doing Above Average Then and Now video 2013 jpgIf you’re anyone who’s anyone, you’re already obsessed with Ilana Glazer from the first season of her Comedy Central show Broad City with Abbi Jacobson, but by no means has that prepared you for the adorableness that is modern day Ilana providing running commentary on a home video of her as a kid.

Because yes, that’s what’s about to happen. The video is from a little over a year ago, but I just saw it for the first time today and I can’t get over it, so you’re all gonna go through this right beside me. Basically Above Average got a childhood video from Ilana and her brother Eliot Glazer, and set it up in a way that the two of them can comment on their younger selves while we watch all of it. It’s basically the director’s commentary of a home video, and I never wanna watch one the normal way again.

I mean come on, how else would I have found out that the wig Ilana’s wearing in this video was previously a habitat for a million little hamster poops? Answer: I wouldn’t have.

Ilana and Eliot are putting on some kind of show, supposedly having something to do with Carmen Sandiego, but which actually ends up as a hilariously unclear series of prances across the camera wearing found-object costumes. But the best part about it is the back and forth between 2013 Eliot and Ilana, apologizing for their weird imitation of an Asian person and Eliot ribbing Ilana for her little-kid potbelly.

Basically it’s adorable and heart-warming, and I wanna go home right this very second and record my modern day self all over those videos of me spitting up bananas and learning to hula hoop.