Funny Video: If Youtube Had Been Invented In The ’90s…

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Forget googling, I Youtube everything that comes across my mind.  My addiction is to the point that I don't remember how we lived before it. With the obvious exception of Crushable, Wikipedia and Chandler Bing Dancing on Things, it's the best resource the Internet has to offer.

Wasn't Sisqo's music video for “Thong Song” really stupid? Let me ask Youtube!

Hey, didn't the original opening credits for Full House have a different Danny? I bet Youtube knows!

Where can I watch part 5/10 of the movie The Secret Garden? My pal Youtube has it!

What if Youtube had been invented in the '90s? CHECK YOUTUBE!

Seriously that's a Youtube video that's worth watching. It reminds us how lucky we are that the Internet gods waiting until the '00s to develop this bad boy. Otherwise it would have crashed and burned and we would have no way of watching assorted videos of inter-specie animals mingling peacefully. You haven't lived until you've seen an elephant nurse a baby tiger.

Without Youtube the way it is now, life would always and forever be David before the dentist. Charlie would never have bit me and no one would have ever been climbing through our windows.

Do you see the bleak picture I'm painting here?

If not, you're going to want to watch the video below. It shows you just how lucky we are that Youtube waited for the internet to be ready before it invented itself.