I Want To See ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’

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Hot Tub Time MachineNo really. I think Hot Tub Time Machine actually looks like it's going to be pretty funny. So does Liz Lemon. And Martha Stewart. Here's why:

First off, you have John Cusack, who is arguably much better in comedic roles than, say, an action disaster movie like 2012. Throw in more funny guys like Craig Robinson from The Office and former Daily Show correspondent Rob Corddry, and you know you're destined to see some funny happen. The fourth member of the hot tub clan is Clark Duke, who might know from ABC Family's Greek, a very underrated and funny show. He's young, but he can hold his own with John, Craig and Rob. Some other members of the cast I'm excited to see? Chevy Chase, Sebastian Stan and Crispin Glover.

Beyond the powerhouse cast, the plotline can't be beat. A group of guys climb into a hot tub in 2010 and emerge in the 80's? That includes two of my favorite wacky movies scenarios: time travel and the 80's. Offer up some neon and spandex and a chance that one of the characters is going to run into his mom as a teenager — and you better believe I will be buying advance tickets.

Now, who wants to join me?