The Daily WTF: Study Claims Hurricane Sandy Made Women Want To Reenact The Notebook With Their Boyfriends

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When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast last week, we refrained from publishing a post with the best Sandy memes because we thought it would seem tasteless to those who had lost power, water, and (in many horrible cases) their homes. But lucky for everyone, there was at least one website to pick up that mantle of offensive Sandy-related programming.

Dating site, which usually specializes in letting users bid on dates with each other, decided to get all relevant and shit. And they sent out this press release with the inviting opening line of “Does Nicholas Sparks inspire hook ups during inclement weather?” Yes, they seriously sought to draw a connection between this sappy author's penchant for love scenes taking place in the rain and a national disaster that still has emergency shelters filled over a week later:

Hurricane Sandy left millions of Americans without power while wreaking havoc on New York City. While most sought solace from the storm with nearby family or friends, many students living in New York had no one to turn to—but each other. A new survey conducted by online dating website discovered that when the lights go out, and the rain starts to fall, people tend to start hooking up, and Nicholas Sparks could be the one to blame.

“The premise of a Nicholas Sparks movie is finding love in unexpected, sometimes impossible places. There's often tragic circumstances, and sordid plot lines for redemption and heroism involved. It’s an endearing version of fiction that almost seems real,” says [ CEO Brandon] Wade. “So when it rains, women think of these stories, and it seems like an attainable fairy tale just within reach.”

Better yet, their research is literally “Well, at least 57% of women have been inspired to kiss in the rain thanks to The Notebook” and what we can only guess is their attempt at the “if a = b and b = c, then a = c” theory. Well,, I've got news for you:

1) Kissing in the rain? Is thanks to Ryan Gosling and no one else.

2) Just because women say they fantasize about the rain doesn't mean that they were having these sexy thoughts while huddling in their homes listening to the rain lash outdoors while their lights flickered and they saw photos of unbelievable flooding on Twitter. I doubt that anyone was feeling randy enough to venture outside at that point.

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Thanks to The A.V. Club for bringing to our attention this new low in society.

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