I Can’t Stop Looking At These Hurricane Sandy Photos

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Last night I sat comfortably in my apartment with my roommate, confident Hurricane Sandy would be over by the time I woke up and that I'd be back to a normal work day in the morning. I'm an idiot. We heard a loud boom around 8:30 PM and shortly after that our power shut off. Then our cell phones lost service.

We went from cocky to crazy within minutes. We rushed around our apartment, filling the tub, lighting candles and stuffing our faces with food from the fridge. We went to bed unsure of what would happen in the morning, but confident everything would look much more positive when we woke up.

Until we woke up with no power, no hot water and no idea what was happening in the city.  After spending years on end connected to my phone and my internet connection, I struggled to deal with the fact that the only way to get information would be to put on a bra and go outside.

Luckily I'm alive and I'm healthy and I have a safe, warm place to stay until power goes back on in my neighborhood. I'm so grateful for that — and I hope all our readers right now are just as safe.

As soon as I got situated in my new temporary home, I signed online to catch up with all the news. As someone who's usually obsessed with the latest celebrity happenings (on and off the clock) I couldn't care less about who was hooking up with who today.

I just wanted to know what happened in the storm and yes, selfishly, when my power would be back on.

However the images I saw astounded me. Suddenly my issues seemed so trivial compared to the destruction in the city and my sense of bravery from spending the night without electricity paled in comparison to the real bravery from the nurses who saved all those NICU babies last night after their power went out.

After spending an entire day going back to these images again and again I felt like I had to share them. I know these are the same Hurricane Sandy photos going around and around on Twitter and on various site, but I just can't stop looking.