Prepare For Catching Fire By Watching This Video Of Cats Re-Enact The Hunger Games

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I think it's high time we all stop pretending that cats haven't just taken over the internet, but are also dangerously close to taking over the entire world.  Or at least pop culture.  If you need further convincing, then please do me a favor and prepare for the upcoming release of Catching Fire by watching this video of cats performing a speed-through version of The Hunger Games.  Your life will never be the same again.  As someone who could easily spend hours watching cats and dogs do just about anything in GIF or video form, I highly enjoyed the minute and a half I spent watching this:

If you blinked, you probably missed the Effie Trinket kitty in all her cardboard glory… so please re-watch and take it all in.  I'm sorry, but Jennifer Lawrence might have some serious competition with CATniss – if for no other reason than kitties can make their heads turn in degrees that humans are completely incapable of.  Oh, and Josh Hutcherson?  The Peeta cat might be a little tougher than you.  Just saying.  Also- as a cat owner myself, I'm just wondering if they loaded these furballs up on small doses of Benadryl?  Because I have the most laid-back cat on the planet, but even he wouldn't be able to perform  that stoically if I shoved his head into a piece of cardboard.

No word yet on whether these cats peed in their costumes or if they'll be re-making Catching Fire once its in theaters.

(GIF: Tumblr)