Crushable At VidCon: Taryn Southern Gets Internet Stars’ VidCon Survival Tips

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Thanks to our most recent video from YouTuber Taryn Southern, you now know what VidCon is. But how do you make it through three days of nonstop awesomeness? Taryn caught up with the pros, YouTube celebrities like Jenna Marbles and Dane Boe (of AnnoyingOrange), to get their time-tested tips on how to not run yourself ragged while still having a fantastic time.

The advice ranges from the reasonable — drink lots of water, catch naps, even how to get somewhere fast without having to stop and say hi to everyone — to the absurd. Because VidCon is a convention unique to itself, and the rules that might apply to New York Comic Con or Anime Con just don't apply. So check out the video! It'll be like you were there in the thick of it. And stay tuned for Taryn's video next week: Web-Celebs on Their Web-Celeb Crushes.