Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: Breaking Up With Strangers Prank

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Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day  Breaking Up With Strangers Prank Breaking Up With Strangers screen shot jpgHappy end of the day, starshines! You shined up the whole sky and now the sun is gone and the moon can come out! We’re at that time of year when the moon comes out at like 5:00pm, right? I’m hoping that’s the case, because I just based this whole joke on that. And now I’m hearing from my producer in my ear that that wasn’t really a joke at all, that it was really more of a statement, on account of it wasn’t funny or even accurate. Man I’m really struggling. What a metaphor for the day, huh? I was not killing it. Much like Zac Efron and his embarrassingly shoddy record at getting strippers to have threesomes with him in Texas. Just like Zac, I both win some and I lose some, and today was one of the losing days. It’s the kind of day when I wouldn’t be surprised if a stranger approached me on the street and broke up with me. Which brings me to today’s funny video! And I know what you’re thinking — OMG, what a segue.

In this video from Overboard Humor, our hero approaches rando ladies on the street and pranks them by trying to break it to them gently that they shouldn’t see each other anymore. They may have never met before, but it’s totally not them, it’s him, and he just thinks they should go their separate ways. Especially because in some cases, they’re making out with their real boyfriends right in front of them, and that’s pretty rude to do to your committed non-boyfriend, don’t you think? This didn’t make me laugh out loud or anything, but the main reason I like it is because it gives me dangerous fodder for my own life. A lifetime of being broken up with has left me terrible at doing the deed myself, so this would be really great practice for the day when I finally get to pull the plug myself! Guys, I am really cool and funny and popular. You should all date me and not break up with me right away so I get a chance to practice all my new skills. This is not a trap.