The Hottest US Olympic Athletes That Are Still Hot In Normal Clothes

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There is nothing more distracting, when trying to objectively assess the attractiveness of Olympians, than the body of an Olympian. Honestly, one look at a six pack and all of a sudden people are going around saying the dude's the hottest specimen of human life they have laid eyes on. Sorry Jake Dalton, I'm looking at you.

Sure, his body is a temple, one that I would like to spend some time getting acquainted with no doubt, but throw out the leotard and slap jeans and a t-shirt on the guy and he's just a regular decent looking guy. And while bodies surely cannot be discounted when assessing overall hotness, in a sea full of rock hard abs and perfectly toned arms and backs that…I don't know I just want them, all I'm saying is that it's easy to get distracted.

So how many of the Olympic guys that we've been ogling for the past week  would actually get the same amount of head turns out at a  regular bar…wearing a shirt? Let's investigate.