16 Horrific Historical Ideas About Women That Need to Stay in the Past

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Until the second wave of feminism took hold back in the 1970s, women's history had been kind of ignored. It was assumed that only men had ever done anything interesting in past centuries… Which we now know is total nonsense. Women have been utter bosses for millennia, despite the fact we haven't had the easiest ride. We've overcome oppression and struggle, and disproved some really odd perceptions about our bodies and actions along the way.

Pretty much since the dawn of time, men have been coming up with some really strange ideas about the female sex. Some are pretty laughable. Their ideas about pregnancy and periods, for example, were often hilariously stupid. But then what do you expect when medical guidelines were being written by people who'd probably never seen a uterus or vagina? Other historical views were more damaging, and are still having a negative impact on countless women today. Here are some examples of some weird, some wonderful, and some worrying historical views about women. Some prove that we've come a long way in the past few centuries; others show that we still have a long way go before we can really say we've eradicated misogyny.