This Honest Facebook Movie Is By Far The Most Accurate Thing You’ll Watch Today

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Honest Facebook Movie

I don't know if you've heard, but Facebook started doing something this week for its tenth anniversary called Facebook movies. They're one-minute videos set to schmaltzy piano music that show you photos from your time on the site as well as popular status updates. All you need to look at yours is this “look back” link. Of course, as with pretty much anything Facebook does, people are rolling their eyes at it. For people who spend way too much time stalking frenemies and crushes online, we sure do hate the tools that allow us to do that.

This “Honest Facebook Movie” video by YouTubers Tripp and Tyler parodies the Facebook movie trend, and it's just about the most accurate thing you could watch today. It's set to the same tinkly piano ditty and features a much more honest depiction of the Facebook experience. It highlights the types of memories pretty much every user can relate to, from the 500th latte foam photo you saw to all the times you couldn't give a crap about your middle school acquaintance's event invite. “As far as my friends know, my life is perfect” should now just be Facebook's official slogan.

The only thing this video's missing, in my opinion, is the ever-present kissy engagement photo. Or the time you got a friend request from someone you thought you were already friends with, then quickly realized they had unfriended you at some point. Or is that one too specific to my life? In any case, go forth, watch, enjoy, laugh, and then share on Facebook. We're crazy people, all of us.

(via Tastefully Offensive)