One Guy Playing Every Home Alone Character Is Disturbingly Hilarious

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Home Alone Paul Little December 2013

Christmas cards can get boring. Maybe you pose with your family in festive attire and make it sound like you're more accomplished than you are by saying things like, “So-and-so joined a film club,” which actually just means you stay home alone every Tuesday night and watch cheesy movies on Netflix. Or maybe you've given up on the personalization and you just buy a box of cheap cards with poinsettias on the front and scribble each person's name inside. But not Paul Little. He had a different plan for his Christmas card.

That plan was to recreate the iconic Christmas classic Home Alone by inserting himself into the movie as every character. And when I say every character, I really mean every character. Everybody, from Kevin McCallister to the many adults who traumatized him, has Paul's face. That includes the movie gangster, you filthy animal. According to Buzzfeed, Paul was inspired by a birthday card his co-worker made him where she acted out the movie Hook. But as he says, since he didn't have the costumes for it, “the only way I could think to make myself look like the characters was to just stick my own face into the movie.”

And that's what he did. The results are mildly terrifying but very impressive. His face fits in so seamlessly that you won't be able to stop yourself from applauding his talents. Yet there's something quite unsettling about seeing a grown man's face on Macaulay Culkin's body peering over a counter holding a toothbrush. Unsettling but absolutely hilarious. By the end of it, things start to get so convincing that you just accept it.

So if you've watched Home Alone one too many times this holiday season (in which case who even are you?) and are eager to see someone put a new twist on it, watch away. And before you even ask, yes he also plays Buzz's girlfriend. Woof.