OMG: Hilary Duff’s Baby Just Keeps Getting Cuter

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Hilary Duff tweeted out another adorable photo of baby Luca Comrie yesterday. This time he's at the beach and he's looking the part in his brightly colored onesie.While I usually don't comment on celebrity baby fashion, I just want to point out that he manages to pull of the enviable beach-but-not-burnt-outfit look that most of us strive for, but never attain. I'm talking about the fact that I always spend half the day at the beach awkwardly wearing an ill-fitting shirt over my bathing suit so I don't get sunburnt.

Great job Luca. I'll just go ahead and assume you picked that outfit out by yourself.

‘While I already have a clear hierarchy in my head of my favorite celebrity children, I think it's time for me to start considering making room for Luca in the top 10. He's just so absolutely precious that I want to quit my job right now and apply to be his babysitter.

But then who would report on the growing fetus inside Miley Cyrus? I have too much journalistic integrity to just leave that story hanging around with so many loose ends.

So I suppose I'll just continue Twitter-stalking this baby until the end of time. Or maybe not that long, because that sounds slightly intense and scary. And also, I might fall in love with newer and cuter celebrity babies before the end of time.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that everyone should be following @HilaryDuff on Twitter because she tweets out some of my favorite “I'm a real person with a baby I love” photos.