Love, Laugh, Links: Heather Thomson Discusses Paula Deen and Real Housewives Drama, Like Who She Didn’t Give A Friendship Bracelet

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• I wish I could pull of M.I.A.'s bright, glittery nails and lipstick, but I'd probably just end up looking like a Katy Perry wannabe or worse… Nicki MInaj. (Ladyish)

Heather Thomson dishes about Paula Deen and who her bff is on the new season of The Real Housewives of New York. To use her favorite term: Holla!  (Your Tango)

• Want to learn more about your ladyparts??? That's what I thought! Here are some crazzzy facts! (Gurl)

• Will Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker get hitched on Modern Family? According to co-creator Christopher Lloyd maybe not just yet. (Flavorwire)

•  Want to attract that guy at the gym without looking all sweaty? Here are some super sporty ensembles! (Betty Confidential)

• Our favorite 90s cartoon characters have grown up and are trendy and stuff… Ms. Frizzle even has grey hair! (Ok Gorgeous)

• I'll admit Ryan Lochte looks good sans shirt, BUT he'd look even better shirtless wearing his grill.  (ET Online)

• You aren't the only one who comes home from the beach resembling a lobster. But covering your sunburn with 5 pounds of makeup won't help much. Trust me on that one…(Chick RX)

• You know when you pass people on the sidewalk and you think to yourself that they look like their dogs? Well, these people take being twinsies with their dogs to a WHOLE nother level. Prepare yourself to be creeped out. (The Frisky)

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