This Photo Of Hayden Panettiere And Her New Baby Is Too Cute To Handle

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Have you had your daily dose of adorable celebrity babies and their adorable celebrity moms today? Remember you’re supposed to have at least one serving, and I can help you with that. This new Instagram photo of Hayden Panettiere and new baby daughter Kaya Evdokia contains more than enough nourishment to get you through the day.

Little Kaya is resting on her boxer dad Wladimir Klitschko’s (very long) legs while he feeds Hayden something. I’m not really sure what it is he wants her to eat, or if she’s scrunching her face up out of disgust or silliness, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s just so gosh darn cute. Kaya doesn’t really look like anything other than a generic newborn baby at this point, but just look at her wittle fingers!

It’s of course too soon to tell how tall little Kaya will be. Will she take after her father and be so tall that paparazzi have to stand farther away to fit her into photos with her mom? Or will she be a tiny 5-foot ray of sunshine like Hayden? I’m hoping she falls somewhere in the middle so they can line up like the three bears. I guess they’ll be able to do that once Kaya’s old enough to stand upright, but it would be great if they could still stand at three different levels when she’s all grown. This is a very important issue, you guys. Please don’t laugh at me.

And as long as we’re all here talking about this family, how do we feel about the name? I like it. It’s different enough that she probably won’t have to go by Kaya K. in her kindergarten class, but it’s also not inspired by a fruit, which is always a plus. You get a thumbs up from me, Hayden and Wladimir. I know how important it is to you to get a random blogger’s approval. Well, now you have it. Go forth and be adorable.

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