Harper Beckham’s British Accent In Her Brother’s Ice Bucket Video Will Melt Your Heart

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David and Harper Beckham kiss cam 2013(via)

It's a scientific fact that any time Harper Beckham appears in a photo or on a kiss cam or just anywhere in the world, an angel gets its wings. And then it gets an extra set of casual wings and another set of black tie wings. So many wings all around! We're very familiar with Harper's chubby cheeks and “awww”-inducing smile. But we're not as familiar with her little voice. You might be thinking, “Voice? What voice? She can talk already?” Yep. Harper's three years old now. In other news, time is fleeting and we're all going to die someday.

But back to the matter at hand. We finally get to hear Harper's voice in this new video that just happens to involve the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. To answer the question I know you're about to ask, yes everything in the universe now relates to the Ice Bucket Challenge. This time it's Harper's big brother Brooklyn Beckham getting drenched. His mom Victoria posted a video of it on her Twitter account, and in it you can hear a little girl's voice giggling in the background and then exclaiming, “Brooklyn!” in the cutest British accent to ever grace your ear drums. We can't see her, and she never announces, “This is Harper Beckham speaking,” but it's a little British girl in a Brooklyn Beckham video. I'm assuming it's Harper. Suri's Burn Book assumed the same, and Suri wouldn't lie to me.

Excuse me for a moment while I clean up. It's just that my heart melted like the ice in that bucket as soon as I heard Harper's voice, and I really need it to refreeze before I hate-watch reality TV tonight. Was it worth it to hear the adorableness contained in that video? Absolutely. I'm pretty sure even Kris Jenner got a pair of wings thanks to that little voice.