The Daily WTF: Hannah Montana Coon Repellant Is Your Summer Must-Have For Fending Off Wildlife

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Just when we thought that Hannah Montana was a distant memory buried under Miley Cyrus‘ recent exploits with penis cakes and getting engaged, we're reminded of the Disney show that made a star out of young Destiny Hope Cyrus. And we're reminded in the best possible way: This video of a shirtless, bearded guy fending off a raccoon with “Hannah Montana Coon Repellant.”

The video, which originated on Reddit, is like a bad local ad from the boonies. It's kinda incredible how the moment the guy sprays that Hannah Montana body mist, his pet goes immobile. (We always had our doubts about what they put in that stuff.) Seriously, though, it's good to see Miley's early career come back in such a helpful way. Even when she's no longer dancing around in a tacky blonde wig and singing squeaky-clean Disney-approved songs, it's like Hannah lives on. It really is the best of both worlds.