This Halloween Prank Would Be Horrifying If It Wasn’t So Hilariously Amazing

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This Halloween Prank Would Be Horrifying If It Wasn t So Hilariously Amazing Mr Pumpkin Halloween prank jpgYou’d think that by this point, there wouldn’t be any original Halloween pranks left. I mean, people still get scared the same way they always did, but with all the haunted houses, corn mazes, and creepy costumes out there, you can pretty much guarantee that someone will jump out at you at least once this Halloween season. Once you see the second amazing video of Ellen DeGeneres sending her employees through a haunted house, you figure you’re pretty much tapped out on pranks.

But stop right there, because I’ve got a video for you that will turn your faith around. It involves terror, hilarity, surprise, and dancing, so don’t even try to tell me you’re not interested.

The idea is this: someone, we shall call him Mr. Pumpkin, for that is his name, puts on a scary pumpkin-face mask, gold lamé leggings, and a fallen leaf inspired sweater. Think Robyn in the video for ‘Call Your Girlfriend’, except with more dead things hanging off of you. When you’re all dressed up, hide yourself in a pile of fallen leaves with only your head showing, and then lie in wait for unsuspecting people to surround you. This all sounds normal, I’m sure, but what this guy does once he jumps out is my favorite part, and I want to go out and do it myself immediately. I mean he has props and everything.

Basically there’s only one person in the whole world who I can imagine not liking this prank, and he’s already pictured in the video at 2:13, so all the rest of you have no excuse.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Now dance it out!