17 Halloween Costumes That Will Be So Cliche & Overdone in 2017

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Halloween is a time to let your creative flags fly high. Only, some miss the mark completely by buying off the rack and having a dreaded cliche Halloween costume. Yup, they think they're being original until they walk into a party and see 25 people dressed just like them.

Last year there were so many Harley Quinns from Suicide Squad, we thought were going to go as mad as the Joker. This year, well there are a few brand-spanking new Halloween costumes bound to be overdone, and some repeat offenders, too. Whether you want to dress in a cliche costume is totally your call — but you need to know beforehand what they'll be so you can prepare. Maybe even do something to set yourself apart from the million other people in your costume.

So here are our cliche Halloween costume picks for 2017:

1. La La Land

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La La Land was a great film but it's time to move on. Heck &mdahhs; even the Oscars got all caught up in its magic when they accidentally gave it the Best Picture award earlier this year. Now though? It's time to find a new movie couple to romanticize. How about Harley Quinn and… just kidding! Don't go there again either.