The Daily WTF: ‘Half Head Man’ Does An Anti-Drug PSA, Sorta [NSFW]

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Half Head Guy Carlos Sosa RodriguezRemember this guy? He became internet-famous when his mugshot appeared online back in 2010; we were all shocked by his caved-in skull, the result of a car accident. (The mugshot is when he was booked for soliciting a prostitute.) You probably gawked at his photo, sent it around to a few people, and forgot about him.

Not surprisingly, the Miami New Times has been trying to track down this guy since they first broke the news of his mugshot a year and a half ago. And thanks to YouTube, they've brought him back into our lives: Turns out there's a whole channel dedicated to “Halfy”, as he's best known (other aliases are Carlos Sosa and Carlos Rodriguez) smoking blunts by the river and talking to fans.

This is where things get weird: In the video below, Halfy explains that it was drinking and drugs that caused his car accident, but from the “stick” he keeps smoking, it's clear that he hasn't given it up:

“[I was] on drugs, I was driving, and I hit a pole, and I flew out the front window and landed on my head,” he says, turning side to side to show off a flattened skull. “That's why it's no good, drinking and driving or drug—drugness and driving. No good, kids. No good.”

What sounds like an already-dubious PSA then transforms into a diatribe about legalizing marijuana, with Halfy claiming that President Obama fills up the White House with smoke from his own personal stash. Then Halfy tells us his preference for “elephant girls” that take his breath away. What a guy.

According to the Miami New Times, all Halfy does is hang around the river smoking weed. He's been arrested for weird crimes in his neighborhood like stealing songbirds, but he's always let off the hook, presumably because of his condition.

Here's the video; again, it's one of many, so check out the HalfHeadMan YouTube channel if you want more. Warning: Even if you're used to seeing the above photo, this video may disturb you, as you get a pretty graphic look at Halfy's head. So, proceed with caution.