Gwyneth Vs. Kelly: Who Would You Rather Take Lifestyle Advice From?

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Gwyneth Vs  Kelly  Who Would You Rather Take Lifestyle Advice From  KellyBensimonCrazy2 165x200 jpgMaybe Kelly Bensimon has been taking advice from her friend Gwyneth Paltrow, because her recent YouTube videos have been offering up some pointless and ridiculous lifestyle advice. It’s worse than Gwyneth’s GOOP newsletters.

While Gwyneth offers tips on hair and encourages readers to meditate, Kelly talks nonsensically about “decorating with what you love” and using a piece of rope as a “belt,” that is, just tying a tiny piece of rope between the two front loops of her bright yellow Rogan jeans.

From the looks of the Moet plug at the end of this video — in which Kelly reveals that her recent redecorating strategy included peonies and lots of jelly beans, yes, jelly beans — we can only imagine that the reason Kelly is doing these pointless clips is because she’s getting paid for them. Or hoping to get paid. Either that or she just got a webcam and is very excited to use it every day. But maybe someone should take it away.