Live, Laugh, Links: Guiliana Rancic Is Ready For Baby #2 But Bill Will Obv Always Be Her #1

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• How Miranda Kerr was feeling as she was being forced to pose in grey granny panties on the cover of Vogue. (Betty Confidential)

• Hanging around a barbershop certainly has its rewards, like learning all of these things about guys. Also, I hear they usually have pretty good TV. (The Frisky)

• Guiliana Rancic wants another baby but her hubby, Bill Rancic, shouldn't worry. He'll *always* be her number one, before her kids and everything. (Your Tango)

• Angelina Jolie is slammed by Melissa Etheridge for her choice to get a mastectomy because how dare she consider her future health and ability to be there for her family! Shame on you, Ang. (ET Online)

• Remember when it was fashionable to wear very low-rise jeans with a very high-rise thong, giving middle school principals headaches all across the country? Here are 9 other early '00s trends that, like the visible thong, shouldn't have happend. (Gurl)

• Avril Haines, one of the CIA's new bosses held erotica readings at a bookstore with her husband and, of course, the internet is in love with this piece of info. (Ok Gorgeous)

• Finally, a guide to decoding a guy's text messages. Now all I need is a guide to not scaring away all of them and I'll be golden! (The College Crush)

• 5 great novels that will mess with your mind and make you forget that you're reading a book and not experiencing it all in your real life. (Flavorwire)

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