16 Pieces of Group Text Etiquette That You Should Probably Share in Your Annoying Group Message

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group text etiquette


Group texts can be wonderful, magical things. You can live-text The Bachelorette or get the squad's opinion on your new dress all in one place. They can also be ridiculously annoying and they can easily blow up your phone.

Although Apple has answered some of our prayers by giving us the ability to turn on “Do Not Disturb” for group chat, our group chat woes haven't all been resolved. (Also, can Apple bring us a cupcake emoji already?? Thanks!) These serious group chat annoyances can all be resolved by learning some simple group text etiquette. Yeah, you read that correctly. Etiquette extends beyond knowing which fork is the salad fork and being a great hostess.

The first step to a smooth-sailing group text is reading up on all of the ways to cut annoying texting habits. The next step? Maybe casually sharing this to your group. Or even tagging them in this on Facebook.

1. Keep an Eye Out for Who Is Not Responding

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If there are five people in the group message but only four people are actively talking, try to remember if that person mentioned what was on their plate that day. Do they have to wake up super early the next morning? Are they on a Tinder date? Move into a different group chat without that person and whenever they're back, bring them up to speed with a short summary in the full group message. It should never be an issue to break into a subgroup to save your friend from having to read 100 messages just to figure out that you're all going to the movies tomorrow night to see Dunkirk or that Anna's boyfriend is being a complete and total d-bag. The only reason it would be non-etiquette would be to break off into a smaller group message to talk $h*!… which is obviously a pretty effed up thing to do to your BFFs.