‘What If Google Was A Guy’ Will Make You Feel Really Sad For A Search Engine

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What if Google Was a Guy College Humor 2014

Poor Google. And I'm not talking about the people who work for the company. I'm talking about the actual search engine as if it were a sentient being. Google has to put up with so much from us. I can't tell you how many random things I search for throughout the day, both embarrassing and innocuous. If Google were a real person we went to for every little question we had, he would be the most overworked, underappreciated person in the world. And that's what this very funny College Humor video seeks to show us.

“What If Google Was a Guy” tells the story of a poor guy named Google who sits at a desk all day with annoying people yelling requests at him. Usually those requests are really, really stupid. From the tech-illiterate people who think they need to type an entire URL into the search bar and then click on the first result to guys who try every possible combination of search terms to find a picture of Kate Winslet's boobs, we as human beings really take Google for granted. It's such a useful and important tool for serious research and everyday convenience, but we use it to look up cute pictures of hedgehogs without even spelling it correctly.

If you work in any field that involves SEO, you'll probably be able to relate to a lot of the strange phrasing people use to find what they're looking for. They say you can learn everything you need to know about a person from their trash, but their search history will tell you way more.

Let's all just agree to treat Google with a little more respect, okay? Right after I look up Marie Antoinette's shoe size because I feel like it.

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