Google Accidentally Wishes You A Happy National ‘Human Centipede’ Day

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I've been accused of having my mind in the gutter before, but back me up on this one, guys…

In the category of ‘Things That Cannot Be Unseen':

In honor of Keith Haring‘s birthday — he died in 1990, but would have been fifty-four today — Google has created a Google Doodle with Haring-esque figures making up the letters.

Normal, yes? NO. No no no. Because I spy with my little eye that first letter ‘G'…in which ‘G' stands for, ‘Gosh, isn't that a Human Centipede?!'

(Oh and also, here's a handy explanatory drawing for those of you unfamiliar with the inner workings [pun extremely intended] of the original, intentional Human Centipede. And just in time for your lunch break! You're welcome!)

I guess Keith Haring was just way ahead of his time…anticipating the worldwide phenomenon that is three humans sewn together eating their own excrement.

Either that or Google just didn't anticipate the lengths that my mind will go to to amuse itself on a slow Friday.

(Image: Google)