17 Statement Glasses Frames You Should Definitely Try

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If you wear glasses, you probably went through a phase where you bought the thinnest, most “invisible” glasses you could find or swapped them out for contacts in your teen years. You probably didn't want to wear glasses and you definitely didn't feel confident sporting a “four eyes” look, so hiding your impaired vision as much as possible seemed to be the solution. Sound familiar?

Hopefully, that has changed now. If not, it should. With the rise of chunky hipster glasses and vintage frames, even contact devotees are considering making the switch back to frames. And then there are those who don't even wear glasses but still want in on the look. And you should be taking full advantage of it. Instead of putting on any old pair of glasses, choose a pair you love. And we dare you to go bold because a statement pair of frames can do as much for your face as a bright lipstick color or a really good haircut. Get inspired with these 17 bold glasses.