Girl Crushable: Kristina Horner, Creator Of The “What Would Buffy Do?” Music Video

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Girl Crushable  Kristina Horner  Creator of the  What Would Buffy Do  Music Video kristina horner 280x186 jpgI just learned about Kristina Horner from her cute tribute video “What Would Buffy Do?”, but the musician is a bonafide YouTube celebrity thanks to her work in the worlds of vlogging and Harry Potter-inspired wizard rock. Like a younger Felicia Day, she champions the geek-girl cause with songs and videos that remind us how inspiring these TV shows and books are. Her latest: An anthem for girls who want to stand up for others, following in the footsteps of Joss Whedon‘s iconic heroine.

The song starts out slow, but a good guitar riff and the chorus elevate it above other, shakier YouTube offerings. Horner and her collaborators obviously know the value of a good production, and seem to have a lot of fun making the video. The story is straightforward: A young girl who is herself bullied learns to find her confidence within, much like in the Buffy series finale when millions of Potential Slayers are awakened.

Like I said, Horner’s been all over YouTube for a while. She got her start vlogging with fiveawesomegirls, a joint YouTube account that she and four other girls who lived in other states used to become closer to one another. They described it as, If you mixed Brotherhood 2.0 with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and threw in a little Harry Potter and good genes, then you’d have the Five Awesome Girls. Posting has slowed in the past two years, though at least Horner has had plenty on her plate since then.

In addition to founding the band ALL CAPS with Luke Conard, Horner is one half (with Brittany Vahlberg) of the wizard-rock group The Parselmouths. She founded the latter with Vahlberg in 2004 after they realized that all of the Slytherin girls are incredibly one-dimensional. That’s what sets their act apart from other wizard rock bands: They play as original characters from the Harry Potter world. Here’s them performing “Love Song for Professor Lupin” a few years ago:

“What Would Buffy Do?” is available for purchase on iTunes; Horner’s YouTube link is above, and she’s on Twitter @kristinahorner.