Gillette Venus Embrace DIY Contest Challenge #5: Unique Razor Case

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The fifth and final challenge in the Gillette Venus’ Embrace DIY Contest is here! We know you've completed a lot of cool projects so far, so here's your chance to add one more AND another chance to win a trip to LA to film your own DIY video with crafty YouTuber Bethany Mota. Challenge number five is to make a unique travel razor case! If you've been following along with all the projects, you know the deal, but if this is your first time here's a refresher.

  1. First, watch the challenge video below. Bethany and pop star Jasmine V explain the project and make their own examples.  You have two weeks from the date of the video’s launch to submit your entry.
  1. When making your own razor case, get creative! Bethany and Jasmine went with a pretty simple glitter look, but that doesn't mean you have to. Express yourself and do whatever you have to do to reveal the designer in YOU.  But first, be sure to check in with your parents before starting any projects.
  1. After you're done, you'll need to take pictures of the final project to submit to the contest. Be sure to include a close-up and don’t include any brand names or logos! Post your photos to
  1. Go vote!  After two weeks of submissions, you’ll have ONE week to get all your friends (and parents, teachers, anyone else) to vote for your project.

The winner of this challenge will win a Venus Embrace Prize Pack and will be entered to win the trip to LA.

This is the last project so don't procrastinate! If you've entered all the challenges and still haven't won, keep trying! At the very least, you'll have five unique new items. And if you haven't entered before, here's your chance! Good luck!

To view the introduction video and for more detailed instructions click here.

Gillette Venus has launched a new promotion as part of the contest.  During the promotion, if you buy any of the two of the products below, you're eligible for a Venus Embrace carrying case—plus all the supplies to make it your own. That means ribbon, sew-on patches, patterned fabric, gems, beads and string! Find more information here: to claim your free DIY Kit now.


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