Style Setters: Get The Perfect Braided Up-Do Hairstyle Inspired By Rebecca Minkoff!

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Tresemme Style Sessions Rebecca Minkoff Inspired Braid

Okay, we're pretty much in agreement that there are a lot of things that separate celebrities from normies, right? I mean, we don't have their distinct ability to over-share about our bedroom secrets with millions of people, and I don't know what you do with your fingers, but I know for sure that I've never had a million-dollar diamond attached to any of mine. But, just because you don't actually have a million bucks, doesn't mean that you can't look and feel like it. Because, when the opportunity to learn how to do a quick and easy up-do hairstyle that's taken straight off of Rebecca Minkoff's Spring 2014 NYFW runway comes a-knockin', you welcome it in and offer it a cup of coffee.

Fashion journalist, TV host, and owner of an adorable English accent, Louise Roe, went backstage at the show to chat with Rebecca Minkoff, herself, as well as with the show's hairstylist. She got the inside scoop on how those model ladies had such fab hair and now she's sharing it with you! Don't forget to send her a muffin basket, or something.

Now, go grab your hair products, Fresh Start Dry Shampoo by TRESemmé if you're cool, and pay attention, because you're about to learn how to do your new favorite hairstyle. 

I've seen the future, friends, and it involves this braided up-do and my possible marriage to Tom Hiddleston. But that's a story for another day.

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