Homophobic Utah TV Station Bans The New Normal Because It’s Gay, Accidentally Gives It Tons Of Free PR

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Oh bigots! They'll never learn that publicly banning something for homophobic reasons always backfires on them. The news that a local Utah NBC affiliate KSL-TV refuses to air The New Normal because it features a gay couple raising a child provides an excellent example of this phenomenon. Media outlets will be super fast to pick up this story, resulting in the affiliate coming up with some kind of offensive statement about the sanctity of marriage. Which will be followed up with outrage from the Internet community, hilarious Facebook commenting on the affiliate's Facebook page and a big scarlett H.

After they get tired of being called out on their homophobia, they'll change the mind and act like it was all some kind of wacky misunderstanding.

The New Normal is ranking highly on a lot of critics' lists as one of the top new comedies premiering this season. The show stars Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells as a gay couple building a family with the help of a surrogate mother. Despite the fact that I'm weary about producer Ryan Murphy (producer of the once great and now not-so-great Glee) being involved in this show, I'm still excited to see it because of the awesome cast.  I mean, Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes is in it.

If that's not enough to get you to set your DVR, just think about the fact that every time a non-homophobe watches the show, a bigot grows a brain. That's just a little scientific fact I learned by watching a lot of Bill Nye during my childhood.

So do your best to share this story and shame this Utah station into changing their minds. We wouldn't want them to be on the wrong side of history, not when it comes to fall TV ratings.

(Photo: NBCUMV)