Crushable Quotable: Gary Oldman Lost His The Dark Knight Rises Script

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Gary Oldman lost his The Dark Knight Rises scriptPoor Gary Oldman! The Oscar nominee plays Commissioner Gordon in Christopher Nolan‘s Batman movies, where everything is notoriously kept under lock and key. Like, you can imagine a secret society that's a mix of the Illuminati and the ring-wraiths in Lord of the Rings making sure that not a single secret from the set gets leaked.

And then you have one of its stars lose his script. The Mary Sue found this great interview that Oldman gave to CNN, where he admitted to misplacing what we're assuming is his The Dark Knight Rises screenplay in his hotel room. To make matters worse, it wasn't just Gordon's lines—it was the entire story.

“I panicked for about twenty minutes,” Oldman told CNN, explaining how he ended up misplacing the script:

“You know in a hotel room, they sometimes fold the bed, they take that cover and they put it like so at the bottom of the [bed]? And I think [the script] wouldn’t go in the safe and I didn’t want to leave it in my bag so I put it in amongst the blankets and things. And I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just hide it there.”

And then he forgot where he put it. But thankfully, it was recovered instead of getting posted on a spoiler board.

I got a real sense of how utterly secret everything had to be when I interviewed Daniel Sunjata for One for the Money. Having noticed that IMDb credits him as “Gotham Police Department Special Operative” in The Dark Knight Rises, I tried to broach the topic of the movie. He laughed and was apologetic since all he could say was this:

I’m playing a special forces operative who comes in and tries to help Batman defeat Bane. That’s all I can really say, but I will say it was a blast working on that film and it was a great honor working with Christopher Nolan.

Only about 150 more days til July 19th…