No Matter Who You Are, This 4-Year-Old’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Dance Will Put Yours To Shame

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Belgiums Got Talent Gangnam Style Tristan 2013

I don't care how well you dance, whether you're a beast at the clubs or you were the backup dancer in a Beyonce video, or if you're Beyonce herself, for that matter. (If you happen to be Beyonce herself, what's up, girl! Thanks for reading Crushable!) You've got nothing on this kid's moves. 4-year-old Tristan went on Belgium's Got Talent and danced to “Gangnam Style,” and his performance has taken the Internet by storm. Because there's nothing the Internet loves as much as adorably talented children. And also cats. If Tristan had dressed like a cat for this performance, I don't think the world would ever be the same.

Sure, you could argue that “Gangnam Style” is like so 2012, and nobody would be caught dead dancing to it these days if they don't want to have garbage thrown at them when they walk outside. But somehow when a cute kid brings a weird trend back to life it's not annoying. It's just very entertaining.

And let me tell you, this kid has got moves. If he and Psy had a dance-off (and someone please make that happen ASAP), Psy would surrender with a white flag after the first step. It also helps that Tristan has those cool shades on to really complete the iconic look. If you want to dress up as Psy this year, you might be too late to really look cool, but if you figure out a way to look like this kid, you'll be topical and awesome. So… just work on looking like a 4-year-old. You've got a few weeks.

This video is mostly in Dutch, but the language of dance is universal, as is the language of standing ovations and amazed expressions, so don't you fret. It'll be very easy to interpret.