Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: Jimmy Fallon’s Gaming With My Mom

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Gaming With Your Mom screenshot Jimmy Fallon June 2013Happy Summer Friday, guys! You made it not only to the end of the day, but to the end of the week, and for that I salute you, with my best Commander Crunch salute! Too soon to officially bust him down from ‘Captain', or a long time coming? You decide. Anyway, I don't know where you work, but I work in a land where summer Fridays mean an empty office, so there's a whole lot of cricket cricket happening around here. And not the British sport, either. The noise that happens when it's really quiet or you're on a terrible date. That cricket. My achievements for the day include creating a makeshift pair of very stylish sweatpants out of an oversized hoody, complete with convenient front-pouch for bagel snacks. Say what you will about it looking ridiculous — because it does — but now I understand why Justin Bieber is all about the drop-crotch right now. Such freedom around my bits and parts.

Anyway, moving on. Today's funny video is one of my favorites in a very long time. It comes to you from American hero Jimmy Fallon, who asked his viewers to send in video of themselves gaming with their moms and oh my god it's amazing. I could watch people earnestly trying to complete tasks all day long, and especially when it's moms being super candid about their failure to understand the games they're playing, I become obsessed. My two particular favorites are A. the woman in green who finds out it's her serve in Wii tennis and proceeds to make me laugh out loud with her flailing around and B. whatever the hell the woman and her son are doing standing up that requires moving their hands up and down, I'm super into. I love the gleeful, mouth-wide-open smile on her face.

I just think this is so great. I could watch this twelve more times, and I just might because IT'S THE FREAKIN' WEEKEND BABY I'M ‘BOUT TO HAVE ME SOME FUN.